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How to use fire fighting equipment? Firefighters consider the importance of fire-resistant roller shutters, in addition. Only setting up secondary linkage control can not satisfy the requirements for the reliability of the measures. Centralized management of fire shutters should be suspended in the fire control room, and a manual control button for emergency lowering of fire shutters should be set up. Everyone must read this article carefully!

1. How to use rare fire-fighting equipment:

1 Fire alarm

The staff manually pressed the manual fire alarm button, and when a fire broke out, the fire detector did not detect the fire. Press the manual alarm button for 3-5 seconds, the fire confirmation light on the manual alarm button will light up, and the fire signal will be given.

2 fire hydrant

Find a fire hydrant close to the fire scene, when a fire breaks out. Open the door of the fire hydrant box, take out the hose, connect one end of the hose to the fire hydrant outlet, and connect the other end to the water gun. Pull it around the fire point before opening the fire hydrant valve.

3 air foam fire extinguisher

Pull out the safety pin first, about 6 meters away from the extinguished object. Hold the opening pressure lever with one hand and the spray gun with the other hand, and hold the opening pressure lever firmly to open the fire extinguisher, and the air foam will be sprayed from the spray gun. After the foam was sprayed, it radiated at the place where it went out violently.

4 Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

The handle of the hand-held fire extinguisher or the fire extinguisher carried on the shoulder, when in use. Rush to the fire scene quickly and put down the fire extinguisher about 5 meters from the fire point. Hold the handle at the root of the horn-shaped nozzle with one hand, aim the nozzle at the flame, and press the handle with the other hand, and carbon dioxide will be emitted.

5 Dry powder fire extinguisher

Loosen the dry powder in the cylinder. Unplug the safety pin first, and turn the fire extinguisher upside down a few times before using it. Hold the nozzle with one hand, and press the handle firmly with the other hand, and the dry powder will be ejected from the nozzle.

2. How to set up the linkage control of fire shutters and fire doors?

A) Fire doors

1 Normally open fire doors on the dispersion channel

Special request to install fire door release switch, normally open fire door should be equipped with ordinary door closers and secondary devices. When the smoke detector on either side of the fire door is activated, the linkage module will switch on the DC24V coil of the fire door release switch to release the locked fire door. You can also pull it out by hand to release the fire door, and the fire door is closing. Automatic blockade under the action of the second device and the second device, thereby blocking the fireworks, and at the same time, the signal that the fire door is blocked is reflected to the fire control room.

2 Fire doors with anti-theft function are necessary among normally closed fire doors

The manager of the unit always begged for anti-theft and security, and some of the channels were scattered. Normally closed fire doors need to be locked, if there are no technical measures for fire fighting. Once the door is locked, the staff will not be able to disperse and cause misfortune in the event of a fire. Such examples are fairly common. At present, a large number of such potential safety hazards still exist. It is not that fire prevention and reflection are not in place, but that anti-theft security is very important to managers. It is difficult to lose the cooperation of managers when the request of reflection staff to restrain the lock of fire doors is difficult. In this situation, fire doors are not in place. It is necessary to take linkage control measures.

Those with complex functions can choose a safe decentralized door controller, and those with simple functions can be equipped with a push-bolt electromagnetic lock. This kind of products often use electromagnetic locks to lock the door, which has the function of anti-prying alarm. When a fire breaks out, the fire-fighting linkage module can be used to control the safety decentralized door controller to open the fire door, and the public safety decentralized door controller will send out an audible and visual alarm signal to guide the staff to decentralize. There is also a fire hydrant button at the scene. In an emergency, the staff can knock on the broken glass to indirectly activate the safety dispersing door controller to open the fire door and send out an audible and visual alarm signal. One security distributed door controller can control less than 8 fire doors.

Two) Electric fireproof roller shutter

Use the detector group or the AND door signal of two different types of fire detectors to alarm at the same time as the fire confirmation.” It can be seen that the <Automatic Fire Alarm System Design Standard> defines the fire shutter that will block the relevant parts after the fire is confirmed. . System design. According to "=Fire automatic alarm system design standards", if two or more smoke detectors alarm at the same time, the roller shutter can be lowered. The staff has not been dispersed in the early stage of the fire. Obviously this is the roller shutter blockade. If two different types of detectors were formed earlier, such as: a smoke detector and a temperature detector at the same time, and then let the roller blind lower, then in the early stage of the fire, a large amount of smoke will pass through the roller blind. Obviously, the shutter was closed too late. The author thinks that a fair control method should be selected according to the place and purpose of the fire shutter.

1 pair of fire shutters arranged on the dispersion channel

The staff must go through the fire dispersal channel to stop the dispersal, after the fire breaks out. Since people are often panicked in a fire emergency situation, if the scattered roads are blocked due to the rolling shutters, it will increase the level of panic and cause unexpected casualties. This is not only conducive to the safety of dispersion, but also beneficial to the firefighters to extinguish the fire. . Therefore, it is necessary to avoid setting up roller blinds on the dispersion channel. Replace with fire doors.

It should be satisfied with the "High Regulations" that "the fire shutters on the dispersing passages should be equipped with opening and closing devices on the two shutters. If necessary, the fire shutters should be installed on the dispersing passages. It has the functions of automatic, manual and mechanical control. Pray that the linkage design should adopt two methods of falling control, that is, two common smoke and temperature detectors are installed in the two roller blinds, and the smoke detector controls the falling distance to stop at 1.8m from the ground in the previous time. In order to prevent the smoke from spreading to another fire compartment, the second time is controlled by the temperature detector to prevent the fire from spreading.

2 pairs of fire shutters installed at the fire compartment for fire separation

So intact can take a step-down control method. Take the fire shutter around the escalator as an example, because the fire shutter installed here does not affect the dispersion under the fire emergency form. One or two common smoke detectors can be set on the outside of each roller blind. When programming, it is designed to arbitrarily two public smoke detectors to form an alarm with the door, and link the surrounding fire shutter to drop in one step. At this time, there is no smoke sensor and temperature sensor set to simplify the system and reduce the cost.

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